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      Kmart believes everyone deserves to smell delectable. Our unisex fragrance collection, from such experienced designers as Calvin Klein and Gieffeffe, doesn't distinguish between the genders. Our unisex fragrances, especially our fragrance gift sets, make ideal presents for sweethearts. And they're a great way of ensuring that your sweetheart's scent doesn't clash with yours. Our inventory includes various kinds of eau de toilette, cologne and perfume, for spray or fingertip application. Choose from a wide variety of scents. They range from light florals and crisp evergreen fragrances to the exotically earthy, sensual aromas of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver.

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      Unisex fragrances can add allure to either gender

      Have you ever smelled your significant other and thought that not only do you like the way they smell, you wouldn't mind smelling that way, too? There was a time when fragrances were thought to be specifically for a woman or a man, but not both. Those days are slowly ending as unisex fragrances are becoming increasingly popular. Designers are creating scents that appeal to either sex. When Calvin Klein produced CK One several years ago, it was a novel concept that is beginning to catch on.

      It has come about with conceptual changes in the way men and women are viewed. No longer are women expected to smell like a floral bouquet, nor are men expected to carry the scent of someone who just marched through the woods. Unisex fragrances are less about stereotypes and more about the exploration of potential. This merge of style and function can be found in many different areas, from women's headbands to shoes.

      One of the categories where unisex fragrances might seem odd, but makes perfect sense is with children's fragrances. Because many of the images associated with children's fragrances are ones that many in that age group can associate with, from Spider Man to Pokemon to Blues Clues, these are going to be neutral scents that more than anything else introduce children to the ritual of wearing scents just like mommy and daddy do. There are even fragrances intended for babies. These are lighter scents with hints of flowers or fruit, not unlike scented shower gel. As children love to imitate mom and dad, it's great to have an option to give them so they don't drench themselves in your expensive perfumes when you're not looking.

      While Calvin Klein's CK One revolutionized the market for unisex fragrances and is still a wildly popular scent, it is far from alone in the category. There are celebrity driven product such as Unbreakable Bond by NBA star Lamar Odom and his wife, Khloe Kardashian. As with men's and women's fragrances, attaching a well-known name or two can help give credibility to a product. The risk for them is these celebrities risk whatever goodwill their names may have should the product be unsatisfactory. Then there are fragrance designers who have long established their reputations in the industry. Designers such as Bulgari and Miller Harris produce high-quality fragrances that appeal to mood rather than gender. Others, such as Demeter, have a reputation for creativity with fragrances. Demeter has a line of chocolate-inspired scents that mix the sweetness of cocoa with mint, cherries and more. For variety, there are classic scents such as baby powder, sandalwood and various flowers, just like those found in your favorite scented candles.

      So maybe there is a fragrance that you and your significant other enjoy. Maybe roommates with similar taste want to save money by sharing a product they both want. Or maybe there is a fragrance that strikes a chord with a feeling or event. Whatever your reason, Kmart brings it home for you.

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