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      Be prepared for baby's arrival with all the essentials

      The arrival of your new bundle of joy can be an overwhelming milestone; make time for the memorable moments by stocking up on baby essentials well before delivery. From nursing and diaper changing equipment to shoes for baby's first steps, you'll find everything you need to care for your newborn or toddler at Kmart.

      An infant's first few months are filled with restful dreams. Ensure her sleep is sweet with a safe, comfortable crib. Our cribs are constructed according to strict safety standards, including adjustable mattress heights and slats that are close enough together to keep baby's head from becoming stuck. To get the most bang for your buck as your peanut grows, consider buying a versatile model that can convert into a child's bed.

      Aside from napping, the majority of your infant's time will be spent nursing. Mealtime can be smooth for both mama and baby with the proper equipment, which includes a rocking or gliding chair, bottles and nursing pillow. Mommy and daddy need a comfy blanket and a spot to kick up their feet while baby feeds. Quality rockers and gliders allow tired parents to nurse and rock their child while sitting down.

      As every new parent knows, feeding and changing go hand in hand. Diaper changing isn't fun, but it can be safe and clean for both you and baby with a durable, design-friendly changing table. Tables from Kmart keep diaper supplies in easy reach with built-in shelves and drawers, plus they can be matched to your other furniture and decor with a wide range of attractive colors and finishes. Whether you prefer cloth diapers or disposable, you'll find plenty of options to keep baby's behind clean and dry 24 hours a day.

      Though caring for a newborn is a life-changing event, you'll discover in time how to resume the activities you enjoy with baby in tow. When the time comes to introduce an infant to the world, a baby sling, stroller, or car seat is crucial to transporting your bundle with care. Get moving with a jogging stroller, or keep baby close and cozy with a front or back carrier. From one stage of your little one's development to the next, Kmart keeps families covered with affordable, high-quality baby essentials.