Stork Craft Toddler Beds

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      Give your kids a comfy place to dream with toddler beds

      When your little ones are in that in-between stage from crib to big kid bed, they'll need a bed that is made specifically for them. Toddler beds are low to the ground and feature half-bumpers on each side. That way toddlers can get in and out easily and won't fall out. Just like your home's other childproofing features, this will reassure you that they stay safe no matter how much they toss and turn.

      Toddler beds often have extra features that make them an versatile addition to your child's furniture. Kmart has a number of unique toddler beds that offer storage spaceunderneath the frame. These storage beds complement the dresser by providing extra space for clothes, pajamas or other items. Other models can come with a built-in toy chest so they can use their bed as a place to play, as well as sleep.

      Your child's bed should be a place that sparks dreams and creativity. Fire truck and castle inspired beds will give your little one a place to rest and imagine heroic adventures. Plus, slide attachments will make getting out of bed in the morning so fun that you won't have to coax them at all. Get a toddler bed at Kmart that will leave them happy and well-rested.

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