Before your little ones have hit their growth spurt, they'll need a little boost to reach places that are too high for them. While they're potty training, a kids' step stool will help them reach the sink all on their own. Child step stools are light and can be easily carried by your little ones around the house for whatever they need. This will give them an important sense of independence and freedom. You'll want to have childproofing measures in place, though, to secure potentially hazardous items like cleaning supplies. Kmart has all the step stools your tots need to learn to navigate your home.

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Find the perfect kids' step stool

While your tots are still little, they're going to need a boost to reach some of the things around your home. Children's stools can be as simple as a small box or offer multiple steps for increased height. You can also find models that double as both a step stool and small seat. That way, they can use it to reach their crayons and then slide it under the coffee table to color. Kmart has a wide variety of step stools to choose from so you can be sure to get the exact type that your little one needs.

For the bathroom, a simple step stool box will be just what your kids need to reach the sink to wash their hands. Many stools have a non-slip base and surface, so they'll be a sturdy place to stand, even if there is a bit of water on the floor. These stools can be branded with your kid's favorite characters, so they can get a boost from their favorite movie and TV heroes.

There are a number of wooden step stools for you to choose from, as well. These pieces typically last for many years so they'll still be in great condition for a younger sibling or relative to use. For an extra boost, you can pick out a model that has two steps. This will let them reach whatever they need, while still keeping them safe. Kmart has the kids' step stools your little ones need.


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