Whether your little ones want a cozy place to sit and watch a movie or need an extra bed for sleepovers, there are all kinds of kid sofas that will make a great addition to their furniture sets. You can find solid color and character sofas for you children. There is a wide variety of children's sofas, from sleepers to models with built-in storage units. Most sofas are made of durable upholstery so they can handle a few spills here and there. Pick out the perfect toddler sofa from Kmart that will match your tot's style and give them a comfy place to hang out.

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Get your kids a comfy toddler sofa

Whether it's going in their play room or next to your full-size sofa in the living room, a toddler sofa will give your little ones the perfect place to sit and relax. With models that can double as a toy chest or pull out into a sleeper, you can find an option that stretches the value of every dollar you spend on it.

One of the advantages of toddler sofas is their versatility. Instead of buying both a couch and a toy chest, you can get a model that combines the two. You'll give your kids both a comfy place to sit and plenty of room to store all of their toys. Since you won't need a separate toy box, your kid's room will have a little extra space for running around and playing.

You can also find models at Kmart that convert into sleepers. Like a futon, these couches will fold out into a bed that is perfect for naps or when you're hosting a sleepover. The construction of these kids sofas is durable, so they can handle the everyday use, spills and tumbling that is sure to happen on them. Find a stylish and sturdy sofa for your toddlers at Kmart.


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