Character Furniture

Your kids are sure to have their favorite characters from movies and TV shows and will want to have as many things with those characters on them as possible. Furniture is an easy way to show off their favorites in their room. From beds to book and toy organizers, there are all kinds of options to deck out bedrooms and playrooms. Character furniture like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse beds will give them a comfy place to sleep once they're ready to move out of their cribs. Stop by Kmart to find all your kids' character furniture.

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Get your kids' furniture covered with their favorite characters

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are still two of the most popular characters that kids love. Get a bed, table and chair with their favorite cartoon mouse so they can always hang out. Table and chair sets are perfect for play rooms. They'll spark their creativity as they color and work on other crafts. Kid-friendly sizes will make it easy for them to be independent as they play.

Keeping your little one's room clean can be difficult, but storage chests and bookshelves help you find a place for all your kid's toys. Toy chests covered in pictures of their favorite characters will match the rest of their decor. Toy boxes that have plush lids can double as a bench when the lid is down.

Kmart also has a number of specialty character items. Easels are perfect for the little artist in your family. They come with white boards and even reversible white board/chalkboard sets. They'll be able to draw and erase with ease as they explore their imagination. Character-themed desks come with a storage chest under the seat so they can put all their coloring books and supplies in one place. Character furniture pieces from Kmart will make all their activities even more fun.


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