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      Find the coziest toddler chair for your little one

      As your child moves from their crib to their toddler bed you'll also want to decorate their bedroom and play room with some comfy chairs. From plush chairs to a classic wooden rocking chair, you'll be able to match their personality and your style of decor. These toddler size chairs will give them a relaxing place to sit, so they can flip through their favorite picture book.

      When it comes to play rooms, there are a number of different options that will suit them. Small wooden chairs will easily slide under tables and desks as they color or practice their handwriting. These kid-sized chairs work perfectly at coffee tables or child-sized desks and tables. They can sit and play while watching TV during the day and you'll be able to keep an eye on them as you do chores around the house.

      Character and novelty chairs with beloved TV and movie characters are always popular with kids. Novelty chairs can look like small thrones or pirate chairs that will be sure to spark their imaginations as they play games with friends. Kmart has a wide variety of toddler chairs to choose from that will suit their rooms perfectly.

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