Baby Bathing & Safety

      Bath time is a great time for you and your little one to bond. Playing with in the water with cute bath toys is always fun for you and baby. With a few towels, toys and sink risers, you'll be able to make bath time a lot easier on you and your tots. It will be easy to get them all clean and ready to be laid down in their comfy sheets for bedtime. Kmart has plenty of baby bath products to make bath time easy for you and fun for baby.

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      Make bath time a breeze with baby bath products

      Bath time with your little guys and gals can be a lot of fun. When they splash around and play with toys, they can have fun while getting clean. Baths with beloved characters will make bath time even more entertaining, and with fun hooded towels, your kids will be able to pretend they're a princess, lion or a dinosaur while they dry off.

      Keeping your little ones entertained while you're washing them can be difficult. With a stash of fun bath toys, they'll be having fun while you do the washing. Floating toys that squeak, shoot water and are shaped like their favorite animals will give them endless amounts of fun for their burgeoning imaginations. It may even be a struggle to pull them away from their bath toys once bath time is over. Although some of their regular baby toys can handle the water, you'll want to get toys specifically for the bath so battery operated toys aren't ruined.

      Once your kids are old enough to sit upright on their own and are ready to switch to the full-size bathtub, you'll need to deck it out in a few safety items. To keep your little ones safe from the sharp faucet head, install spout guards and spout extenders. Add a baby gate and you can be sure the tub won't be accessible when it's not in use. Get all your bath time accessories at Kmart.

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