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      Celebrate baby showers, holidays and more with great baby gifts

      Whether you need to pick something out for a birthday party or an upcoming baby shower, finding the right baby gift for new parents can be difficult. Luckily, Kmart has a large selection of the best baby gift sets so you can rest assured that you're getting something great. A great gift idea for new parents is infant bootie sets that include hair clips for girls or a rattle for boys. New parents will be glad to have an extra pair on hand in their changing table.

      Keeping track of all those special moments in the early months of a newborn's life can be tough. To help frazzled and sleep deprived parents, get them a baby book where they can put photos and notes of all their precious moments. They'll be able to snap a bunch of photos with their digital camera and then have the perfect place to display all their mementos.

      A classic gift that will be sure to delight is a blanket and stuffed animal combo pack. These plush animals will give baby something to cuddle with in their crib and a soft blanket to keep them warm while napping. When a friend or relative brings a new life into the world, stop by Kmart and find the best baby gift to celebrate the moment.

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