Purple Play Yards


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      Baby play yards will let your tots play in one safe space

      Having a place where you can let your little guys and gals crawl and play while you do errands around the house is invaluable. The padded floor will keep them safe as they try out their new found walking skills. Many come with built-in mobiles so you can lay them down for a nap in the same room with you while you work on your computer or other tasks.

      One great feature is collapsibility so you it can travel with you wherever you go. That way you can set it up in the living room or bring it to the beach so you can let them play by themselves without getting in the sand. The mesh side panels will let air flow through, and you keep an eye on them. There are models that come with attached diaper bags so you can keep all of your diapers, wipes and other diapering accessories with you when you're out and about without having to lug your entire bag along.

      You can also pick up a play yard for babies that has an elevated changing table. This will keep you from having to set up a new area to change a dirty diaper or try to lean over the rail and change them. Kmart has a wide variety of baby play yards that will be able to suit your busy lifestyle.

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