Baby Toys

      Your baby's mind is most impressionable when they're young; these are the foundational learning years of their life. Sound, music and educational toys will help them develop and expand their cognitive abilities. Floor toys like baby walkers help babies learn to walk as they play educational games. Give your babies plush toys to hold onto while they sit in their baby swings for twice the fun. Whether your baby plays on the floor or while they stand or sit in a swing, they'll have loads of fun with baby toys from Kmart.

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      Get fun and educational baby toys

      When it comes to the best baby toys, you're not only getting them something to play with, you're also helping them interact with and learn about the world around them. A classic toy that every baby needs is a mobile. It attaches to the side of your child's crib and spins while playing a tune that will help lull your child to sleep for naps or bedtime. They're easily detachable so they can be placed on play yards when you're on the go.

      To help your child increase their spatial reasoning skills, consider stacking and shape sorting toys. Ring stacking toys offer a number of educational opportunities. They teach cognitive skills as they learn to recognize colors and stack them in size order, and these simple motions will help build hand-eye coordination. These skills can begin to be taught around 6 to 7 months. These simple toys will help them learn before they are ready to move onto more advanced learning toys.

      Along with a mobile, you'll want to fill their crib with one or two stuffed animals from our selection at Kmart. They'll love to snuggle one of their favorite cartoon characters or a cute bear or sock monkey. All of these toys will keep your child entertained and learning. Pair these crib toys with a plush bedding set and they'll be able to play and sleep in comfort.

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