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      Keep nurseries and play rooms organized with baby storage containers

      Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but good luck convincing your toddler of that. Kids are notorious for leaving their dolls, blocks and other toys lying all over the house. It's time to get that mess cleaned up before somebody steps on a toy car. Toy boxes give your child a fun place to store their toys so they can always find the favorite stuffed animal when they're looking for it. Storage bins are another solution that allow you to organize your kids' toys by type, making it even easier to find what they're looking for.

      The classic toy box is a big, square box made of wood that swings open on top. These toy boxes are easy to use and have the benefit of resulting in a clean appearance because the toys inside are out of sight. You can get a kids' toy box in a colorful, kid-friendly design, or you can opt for a more classic wood color such as espresso, honey or natural. The benefit to a plain wood color is that you can match the toy box finish to that of your other nursery furniture, like the dresser and glider rocking chair.

      If you're looking for a baby storage container with better organization, take a look at a storage bin unit. These units offer multiple storage bins, so you can separate your kids' toys into blocks, Legos, dolls and whatever else makes sense. Some feature storage bins that are removable, so you can, for example, easily bring all the toy cars downstairs. The downside to these units is that they're less likely to match the wood finish on your dressers and nightstands. They also leave your kids' toys out where they're visible, making this storage option better for private play rooms than for rooms in which you plan to entertain guests.

      You can always consider a classic bookshelf. These hold books, of course, but can also be a great place to store blocks, board games and other toys. The kids' bookshelves at Kmart come in a variety of colors and finishes to match your nursery dresser and crib. Finally, take a look at a storage caddy if you travel often. These large, easy-to-carry bags allow you to bring along all your child's favorite toys every time you're headed to grandma's or the babysitter.

      Your child loves their toys, and you love it when their toys aren't all over the floor. Get the best of both worlds with a kid-friendly toy box or baby storage container. Just because your kid has a blast doesn't have to mean your house is a disaster area. Shop Kmart for a great selection of toy boxes and kids' storage containers at our everyday low prices.

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