Sleep is vital for your baby. Because they're growing so fast, infants can sleep for twelve to fifteen hours a day or more. This is why it's important for your precious new family member to have a comfortable sleeping surface. Baby mattresses are sized to fit perfectly inside your baby crib, regardless of size. Whether you have a standard crib or a round crib, you'll find the right mattress at Kmart. Parents of an infant are constantly being woken up in the middle of the night, so remember that the more soundly your infant sleeps the longer you'll be able to sleep.

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      Lay your baby down to sleep on a cozy baby mattress from Kmart

      You want to rest assured that your little one is sleeping on a surface that's both comfortable and supportive. That's why buying a high-quality baby crib mattress is so important. Of all the furniture in your nursery, from the changing table to the gliding rocker to the dresser, it's the crib that must cradle your baby every night. Furnish it with a high-quality mattress from Kmart.

      The first thing to think about when buying a new baby mattress is the size. If you already have a cirb, measure it to see what size you'll need. If you don't have a crib or bed yet, think about the size you want. At Kmart, you can find a variety of sizes, from 39-inches long and 28-inches wide to 55-inches long and 31.5-inches wide and more. A common crib size is approximately 52-inches long by 27-inches wide. Remember that your baby is growing fast, and will grow into a larger mattress before you know it. Also make sure that whatever size you get fits the baby bedding, including your sheets and blankets.

      Width and length are only two of the measurements; depth is another dimension to think about. A thicker mattress provides more support and also lasts longer as your infant grows heavier. You can choose from both foam and coil mattresses to fit your crib and complete your nursery furniture. When looking at coil mattresses, pay attention to the number of coils inside; more coils may impart a more even surface.

      There are a few extras you might want to look for in your new mattress. Some baby mattresses are made to be hypoallergenic, which can be very important when dealing with fragile babies. You certainly don't want to aggravate any allergies in such a delicate little thing. Another convenient feature is waterproof. Your infant is probably in a diaper, but those things aren't always perfect. If it happens to leak, you'll be glad to have a waterproof mattress. Of course you'll still have to wash the kids' bedding, but at least the mattress will be safe and clean.

      You want your baby to have a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. Pay attention to size, depth and firmness to make the right choice. We carry a wide selection at Kmart, so shop here for great baby mattresses at equally great prices.

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