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      Keep organized with baby dressers and armoires

      Staying organized, especially with a new baby, can be a bear of a task. Clothes get strewn on the floor, diapers are everywhere and it's tough to try and keep up with it all. Having a baby dresser or armoire will give you the perfect place to store everything your tots need.

      The variety of storage options you can find will give you greater ability to customize your nursery. Dressers come in a number of drawer combinations from three to six, and they can be arranged vertically or in multiple columns. A combination unit includes an armoire, dresser and hutch. The armoire piece is great for hanging things like outerwear and storing their snow boots underneath. The versatility of a combination unit will help you take full advantage of your nursery's space.

      If you have minimal space, a vertical dresser is the way to go. It's tall and thin, allowing it to slide in tight spaces while still offering adequate storage. If you have more room and would like a place to put photo frames or a surface to use as a makeshift changing table, a wider dresser can offer a bit more space, as well as fill out your nursery nicely. You can find different shapes and sizes of dressers at Kmart so you can find one that will fit your baby's room the best. Pick out a baby dresser that will accent your decor and increase your storage space.

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