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      Make diaper changing as fast and easy with changing tables from Kmart

      Before you know it, your special little angel will be learning to use the bathroom. Until that happens, though, you're changing their diapers. Make it as easy as possible with the right furniture. Some people change their baby on top of a normal dresser; however, baby changing tables are built to be sturdy and increase safety when changing your baby. They also function as a piece of furniture that can store clothes, changing supplies and other baby gear.

      Many changing tables look similar to a small dresser. They frequently contain a few dresser drawers in which you can store clothes and other items. The top of a changing table features safety guard rails all around the edge; these rails are designed to be tall enough to keep your baby from falling without being so tall that they get in your way while changing a diaper. This multi-functionality makes a baby changing table an essential piece of your baby furniture collection. You can choose to store your baby's clothes in the dresser, while storing diapers, clothes and other changing items in the drawers of your changing table.

      You can choose changing tables that fit a variety of storage needs. Open storage changing tables almost look like a small bookshelf with guard rails on top. This style of baby changing table might be best if you have large items to store, such as a big package of diapers. They also work well with kids storage bins; simply fill the bins and place them on the shelves for a clean look. Closed storage changing tables feature a few drawers and a few shelves, while others have only drawers. These changing tables do a better job of keeping their contents out of view to completely remove the appearance of clutter.

      Finally, choose a changing table that will look great in your nursery. Find changing tables in a wide range of finishes. White and natural finishes have a naturally bright, clean appearance, while medium wood and darkwood finishes have a classic, elegant appearance. You might decide to make the color of your changing table complement the other furniture in the room, or you might prefer to make it contrast the wallpaper, carpet or crib sheets. The color of your furniture has a big impact on the look of your room, so choose carefully.

      A baby changing table is an essential piece of nursery furniture along with a crib, dresser and glider. Make diaper changing as easy as possible by keeping your baby in place and storing diapers and cleaning cloths close by. A good changing table is also attractive and adds to the peaceful atmosphere in your nursery. Get started finding the perfect changing table today at Kmart.

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