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      Baby cradles and bassinets from Kmart keep your baby comfortable and safe

      When you first bring your newborn home from the hospital, you want to have a small sleeping space in your room just for the baby. A bassinet or small cradle is the option you're looking for. Designed for newborns, these tiny baby beds will allow your little one to sleep soundly through his or her first few weeks of life.

      With a new baby in the house, you want to make sure that you keep him or her close, whatever you're doing. You'll find yourself staying up at night just to watch the baby sleep. With bassinets, you can easily move the baby from room to room. Cradles and bassinets are much smaller than cribs and you can either keep a couple of them throughout the house or you can transport them to each room you're in with ease. You can find bassinets that are part of complete baby furniture sets or bassinets that are sold separately for your convenience.

      Before the baby is old enough to play on the floor with a play mat, you want to keep your little boy or girl safe when you can't be holding them. You can safely rest him or her in one of the stylish baby cradles and bassinets. To keep baby occupied when he or she is in the cradle, hanging an infant mobile is the perfect way to engage your little one. With bright colors, movement and sound, your baby will love laying in his or her bassinet staring up at the musical toy.

      Before you know it, your tiny baby will outgrow his or her cradle, and move on to his or her crib and nursery. With stylish baby decor and beautiful nursery furniture, your little one will sleep soundly in the room you designed just for them. As your little one grows, you can keep the bassinet for future children or for your child to play with when he or she gets older. Little girls love playing with dolls, and a bassinet is the perfect place for a doll to sleep.

      When you start shopping for baby, you want to make sure to have all of the necessary furniture pieces that you need for your little one. From bassinets and cradles to strollers and high chairs, you can find everything you need by shopping at Kmart. We've got all of the baby gear that you're looking for and more.

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