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      Keep your little ones hydrated with drinks and juices for your baby

      When your baby is feeling under-the-weather, he or she needs to stay hydrated to help recover quickly. Instead of regular juice, you can find drinks for babies packed with electrolytes to replenish vital fluids.

      Another drink that you'll want to consider adding to your baby's health kit is all natural juice. It will give your little one a full serving of fruit in every bottle. These juices have no added sugar or sweetener, so you can be sure that the healthy aspects of their drink aren't overshadowed by too much sweet stuff. You can grab this juice in small, personal sized bottles to be put in their lunch for their day at daycare.

      You'll always want to have the right drinks and juices on hand in case of an illness popping up in the middle of the night. Powdered forms of electrolyte drinks can be purchased and stored in your child's crib side table. As with other instant beverages, these can be mixed into purified water to create instant hydrating juice. The juice selection at Kmart will keep your home well stocked and your baby well hydrated to fight off a cold or keep running around the backyard.

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