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      Pacifiers help soothe fussy babies

      Some babies start sucking their thumbs while they're still in the womb, and there's no doubt that infants love the comfort of a soft, chewy pacifier. From bedtime soothing to trips to the doctor's office, a pacifier can come in handy when your baby is acting fussy. Comfortable, BPA-free silicone nipples imitate the feel of the mother's breast, while air vents draw moisture away and protect the sensitive skin around your infant's mouth. Wherever you go with baby, you'll want to keep a pacifier on hand in the diaper bag.

      When your baby gets bigger and his or her teeth start coming in, swollen gums can make for a miserable time. Help your kiddo's teeth develop with soothing teethers from Kmart. The bumpy texture of teethers delivers a massage to baby's tender gums, and many teethers can be refrigerated or frozen for extra relief. Teethers also come in bright colors and fun shapes so that your baby will be entertained and engaged while calming his or her mouth. Along with baby tableware, teethers aid in your tot's oral development.

      Find everything you need to keep your little one's mouth smiling and happy in our collection of baby essentials at Kmart.

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