Nursing Pillows & Covers

      In a baby's early days, he or she will spend a lot of time nursing, so you want the experience to be as comfortable as possible for both mama and little one. Nursing pillows help support your baby's body and take the weight off of your arms by providing a soft cushion around your midsection while baby nurses. Though you'll probably spend most of your time nursing in a comfy glider or rocker, there are times when baby will need to eat on the go. Invest in a high-quality nursing cover so you can breastfeed in public with plenty of privacy.

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      Nursing pillows make feeding your baby more comfy

      Just because nursing is natural doesn't mean it's always easy. Fortunately, feeding accessories such as nursing pillows can make the process more intuitive for both mommy and baby. Like a travel pillow, nursing pillows are gently curved in order to fit around a woman's midsection to support a baby's body while he or she breastfeeds. You may even want to use a nursing pillow when feeding your infant from a bottle. Nursing pillows often come with removable covers so that you can slip the exterior off and throw it in the wash, and you can find cute designs such as stripes and polka dots.

      When you're out and about and baby gets hungry, you'll want to be able to start breastfeeding discreetly while still looking fashionable. Nursing covers don't have to look drab: check out Kmart's selection of trendy and well-made nursing covers. Our designs range from zebra prints to colorful blossoms and feature an adjustable neck strap so that you can find the perfect fit. Mommies can even position the collar so that they can view their baby while nursing.

      Nursing needn't be difficult when you have the right accessories. Stock up on everything you need to make breastfeeding a breeze with nursing pillows and nursing covers from Kmart.

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