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      Baby bottle nipples give your infant the nutrients he or she needs

      Whether you're planning to bottle feed your baby at every meal or only when you need a break from breastfeeding, it's important to imitate the flow of milk from a mother's breast. Babies naturally take in the right amount of milk using a baby bottle nipple. Our bottle nipples are made from silicone so that baby's mouth comfortably latches on to them. In addition, you'll need a variety of flow speeds so that your little one can take in the amount of nutrients that he or she needs throughout each stage of development.

      Many parents prefer to feed their babies with BPA-free products; fortunately, most baby bottle nipples nowadays are made without potentially hazardous materials. Most of Kmart's bottle nipples feature air vents or other design elements that release air from the nipple before it reaches baby's mouth. This helps prevent spit-up and colic from your little angel taking in air bubbles. If you're short on time and prefer not to clean baby bottle nipples with a special brush, look for nipples that are dishwasher safe.

      Feeding your baby is a special time between mommy or daddy and child, so stock up on baby bottle nipples and other bottle accessories to ensure a reliable and comfortable meal.

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