High Chairs & Boosters

      Your bundle of joy will start out feeding in your arms, but when he or she gets big enough to eat baby food, you'll want a high chair for mealtimes. Along with baby tableware like sippy cups and non-skid plates and bowls, your kiddo will achieve independence and confidence by sitting by himself or herself in a high chair. He or she can even eat at the grown-up table with a booster seat that lets little legs and arms reach the table. Find everything you need to help your tot develop good table habits at Kmart.

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      Feed your baby more easily with high chairs

      Before your child is old enough to sit on his or her own at the dining table, you're going to need a little help at feeding time. For infants, you can easily feed anywhere, whether you're nursing or bottle-feeding, but for older babies and toddlers, you need a stationary surface for their food. Having the right high chairs and booster seats can make all the difference. For younger babies, high chairs offer a safe place to eat cereal, baby food and more. You can even find high chairs designed with spots to store all of your baby bottle accessories, bottles and utensils.

      Once they grow bigger but aren't quite tall enough for the regular kitchen table, you'll want to choose a booster chair for them to sit on. Some booster seats are designed with their own trays, so you can set your little one up with food anywhere, while others are perfect for sitting at the kitchen table. Whether your child is sipping on his or her favorite baby juices or eating macaroni and cheese, your little one will love having a booster seat to keep him or her level with the other kids and the grown-ups.

      Eating on his or her own is an important step for your kiddo. Offer your tot the independence and safety that he or she needs with high chairs and booster seats from Kmart.

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