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Feed your baby easily with high chairs and booster seats

Before your child is old enough to sit on their own at the dining table, you're going to need a little help when it comes to feeding time. For infants, you can easily feed anywhere, whether you're nursing or bottle-feeding, but for older babies and toddlers, you need a more stationary space for them to eat. Having the right high chairs and booster seats can make all the difference.

Feeding time can offer a special bond between babies and parents. Even once you've passed the nursing or bottle phase, your baby still relies on you for food and spoon feeding. One of the first things that you'll truly teach your little one, though, is how to hold onto their own bottle or eat foods like baby cereal or cut up snacks with their hands. If you've got a reliable high chair for them to sit in, you can have a spot just for baby to learn to eat.

For younger babies, high chairs offer a safe place to eat cereal, baby food and more. You can even find high chairs designed with spots to store all of your baby bottle accessories, bottles, utensils and more. Your little one will be safely tucked in, as many of these high quality high chairs offer seat belts, so that your child can't wiggle out and fall down. With so many styles and models to choose from, Kmart offers the best selection of high chairs for your child. You can even find a style that matches your kitchen decor.

Once they grow bigger, but aren't quite tall enough for the regular kitchen table, you'll want to choose a booster chair for them to sit on. Some booster seats are designed with their own trays, so you can set your little one up with food anywhere, while others are perfect for seating at the kitchen table. Whether they're sipping on their favorite baby juices or eating macaroni and cheese, your little one will love having a booster seat to keep them level with the other kids and the grown-ups.

Feeding your baby is incredibly important. When you are preparing for your little one's arrival, you want to make sure that you have all of the necessities, including high chairs and other feeding supplies. Shop at Kmart for a huge selection of everything you need to nourish your baby. We've got the baby gear you need at the prices you love.


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