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      Sippy cups help your kiddo drink without spilling

      Long before your little one can sip soup from a spoon or cut up a meal with a knife and fork, you'll need to equip him or her with training cups and tableware. Sippy cups are plastic training cups with a screw-top or snap lid that allows your child to drink from a spout without spilling. When making the transition from bottle feeding to drinking out of grown-up cups, a sippy cup can give your kiddo the confidence he or she needs to drink independently.

      As kids get bigger and graduate from milk and soft foods to solid foods, they'll need their own plates and bowls to eat out of. Invest in a non-slip tableware set that allows your little one to chow down in his or her high chair without accidentally pushing the plate or bowl onto the floor. In addition, a kid-sized training fork and spoon set can aid your child in learning to feed him or herself without hurting his or her mouth on sharply-pointed utensils.

      At Kmart, you'll even find specialty items such as snack bowls, place mats, and bento boxes for your tot. Stock up on baby tableware, food, juices and more for your infant's transition into toddlerhood.

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