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      Breastfeeding accessories help nourish nursing infants

      Breastfeeding may be natural, but nobody said it was easy. Fortunately, with the aid of breastfeeding accessories, you can make a sometimes difficult process more comfortable for both mother and baby. Our assortment of breastfeeding supplies allows nursing mothers to set aside extra milk with easy-to-use breast pumps, as well as milk storage bags and bottles for feeding your child later on. Our breast pumps are designed for easy, one-handed use and are portable for pumping on the go. Milk storage bags offer nursing mothers a pre-sterilized method for storing and even freezing breast milk in self-standing bags for later use.

      If you're nursing, you'll also want nursing pads to ensure long-lasting dryness and comfort underneath your clothes. Nursing pillows and hands-free nursing systems can make breastfeeding more manageable by taking weight off of mother and baby during mealtimes. When your little angel is hungry but you don't want to irritate sore nipples, offer your baby a bottle with a natural-flow silicon nipple. In addition, bottle warmers allow parents to heat stored milk to the right temperature.

      Whether you're feeding your very first baby or your latest arrival, you'll love the comfort and ease of breastfeeding with breastfeeding supplies from Kmart.


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