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Kmart Carries Baby Bottle Accessories and Other Baby Feeding Essentials

Feeding and baby bottle accessories include more than bottles, bottle brushes and nipples. Bottle carriers and warmers help ensure that youl always be prepared to feed your baby whether youe at home or at a playdate. Breastfeeding accessories like the Boppy pillow help mom and baby stay comfortable during feedings. As your infant grows, he or she will graduate to solid foods, and high chairs, food grinders and feeding utensils will become handy. Kmart has convenient and practical supplies for all your baby feeding needs.

When it comes to baby bottles, they differ greatly in regards to nipple design and bottle size and shape. Babies are often particular when it comes to feeding, and some prefer nipples that more closely mimic their mother breast. Colicky babies may be soothed by a bottle that reduces air intake while feeding. Kmart offers bottles that have a variety of flow options in many different sizes, making it easy to choose the combination that suits your baby feeding needs.

Kmart selection of baby feeding accessories help keep mealtimes stress free. Drying racks have space for straws, bottles, valves and brushes, so your feeding accessories dry quickly and remain free of germs. As your baby learns to use a cup, you can replace a bottle with a spill-proof sippy cup. Toddler cups with handles help children practice their independence and feed themselves. Portable bowls with lids and disposable utensils let you bring snacks along wherever you go.

Baby high chairs come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. If you have a smaller kitchen, you may prefer to add a booster seat to an existing chair. Those with more room can pull a high chair up to the table. Many of the booster seats and high chairs fold flat for easy storage and have easily washable seat covers. Some recline to accommodate newborns, infants and toddlers.

Whether you have a new baby or a preschooler, mealtimes will be more relaxed when you have the right gear to feed your child. Find the right baby bottle for your infant, or equip your kitchen with feeding accessories and utensils that will make a hungry toddler ask for seconds. Visit Kmart to find everything you need to feed your baby.


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