Bibs & Burp Cloths

There's no doubt that babies are messy eaters. Tiny infants often dribble milk from their mouths and spit up when they eat too fast. Older kids play with their food and smear it all over themselves and the high chair


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Bibs keep food stains off your infant's clothes

Bibs and burp cloths aren't just an accessory, they're a mealtime necessity. They keep spills off your baby's clothing and are easy to clean by either wiping or throwing them in the washing machine. Since you'll need to use bibs and burp cloths several times a day, it's best to stock up on enough for every meal. Luckily, Kmart's adorable bibs and burp cloths are sold in multipacks that make great baby shower gifts and give you more for your buck.

Whether your kiddo is "Pretty Like Mama" or a "Little Brother," you'll love the sweet sayings and fun patterns on our bibs and burp cloths. Some burp cloths are even bundled with bottle bags, so you'll have everything you need to feed your little angel on the go. Look for absorbent fabrics such as terrycloth for your burp cloth needs; bibs typically feature a liquid-resistant backing, as well as a button or Velcro closure to stay on your kiddo's body.

Caring for a baby is a messy endeavor, but it doesn't have to be when you're properly equipped. Shop our collection of cute-as-a-button bibs and burp cloths to keep your baby neat and tidy throughout the day.


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