Diaper Bags

      In a perfect world, you'd always be prepared for diapering mishaps. Though changing your little one's diaper won't go smoothly every time, you can at least keep all the necessary supplies on hand with a diaper bag. Baby diaper bags feature plenty of pockets for organizing and toting essentials including extra diapers, baby wipes and changing pads. Adjustable straps allow mommies and daddies to carry these bags on the shoulder, across the body or even as a backpack. Discover diaper bags in hundreds of different styles and trendy patterns at Kmart.

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      Tote your baby's diapers in style with fun, functional diaper bags

      Despite their name, diaper bags are designed to carry so much more than just diapers. At any given time, you might need baby wipes, diaper rash relief ointments, extra onesies, snacks or baby toys when you're on the go with an infant. Ensure that you're carrying everything you need when you and baby leave the house by choosing the right diaper bag for your family's essentials. You'll find the ideal baby diaper bag in our enormous collection at Kmart.

      When selecting a diaper bag, it's important to first determine what style you're looking for. Diaper bags range from duffel-style bags with many different interior and exterior pockets to tote-style bags with only one compartment. You'll also want to decide whether you'll carry the bag on your shoulder, across your body, in your hands or alternating between the three. Some diaper bags are chic and designed to look like regular purses, while others feature character motifs and a stain-resistant coating to guard against juices and other spills.

      Whether you're a daddy-to-be looking for a manly way to tote his baby's belongings or a mother searching for a diaper bag that's indistinguishable from a high-fashion purse, you'll find the perfect baby diaper bag at Kmart.

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