Green Baby Diapering

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      Make changing diapers a breeze with baby diapers and diapering supplies

      When you're stocking up on baby supplies like toys, tear-free shampoo and baby formula, it can be easy to overlook diapers for one simple reason; nobody likes changing them! However, changing diapers doesn't have to be a messy chore if you have the right diapering supplies. When a baby's in the house and fussing to be, having a steady supply of baby diapers, wet wipes, baby powder and other diapering supplies on hand helps you get the job done. Kmart makes a dirty job easier by offering a wide selection of disposable and cloth diapers for you little one.

      There's no question that disposable diapers are the easiest to use. Just undo the adhesive, wrap it up and throw it away. Disposable diapers are also cheaper in the short term, and are offered by most major brands including Luvs, Huggies and Pampers. Mommies and daddies who are concerned with the environment, on the other hand, can opt for reusable cloth diapers from Gerber, Trend-Lab and Marvel. These diapers can be washed and used over and over again, making them more economical in the long-term. The cloth material also gets softer with repeated washings, conforming better to your baby's body and feeling more comfortable. Both types of diapers are equally sanitary and safe, as long as you are regularly changing the diaper every three hours.

      Whether you and your baby prefers disposable or cloth diapers, you should always make sure that the diapers you're buying fit a few crucial criteria. The first is absorbency; a good diaper needs a heavy-duty pad to soak up more fluid so you the diaper can go longer between changes. When you're warming a baby bottles or putting away baby toys, you won't want to interrupt your chores for a diaper change right away when the baby gets fussy. A good diaper also has to have snaps and tabs which fasten securely to keep the baby from removing the diaper, as well as a smooth finish and non-irritating material so as not to chafe your baby's skin.

      Don't forget all the diapering accessories that make changing easier. When you've got a fussy baby squirming on the changing table, keeping the right accessories close at hand makes the job easier, cleaner and less stressful for both you and your kid. Wet wipes keep your baby's bottom clean and skin healthy, while baby powder can soothe away diaper rashes. Keep all your diapering supplies together with a diaper bag from Tender Kisses or Baby Boom and you'll be able to quickly swap out a dirty diaper wherever you go. Don't be caught unprepared; stock up on diapers and diapering accessories at Kmart today.

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