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Baby Decor

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Baby Decor

Outfit your nursery with baby room decor

Everyone knows that mommies-to-be love to nest, but decorating a brand-new nursery can quickly get expensive. Fortunately, Kmart has everything you need to create a unique room for your baby without the designer prices to match. Many parents start with a baby furniture bundle, but your newborn's sanctuary is far from complete with just furniture. From soft and cozy bedding sets to colorful mobiles and wall hangings, discover just what you need to put the finishing touches on your baby's bedroom. 

When your little one lays his or her head down at night, he or she is going to need a comfy set of baby bedding to stay warm and comfortable until morning. Of course, baby's bed isn't complete without an eye-catching mobile and a set of soft wall hangings for your kiddo to look at as he or she falls asleep. Gentle lighting from our adorable, themed lampshades will set the mood for sweet dreams, while colorful curtains can be drawn to block out the sun. Since babies create lots of laundry, pick out a color-coordinated hamper to match your nursery decor, and complete the room from top to bottom with a matching floor rug. 

Your baby will be spending lots of time in his or her nursery, so make sure it's a place that is bright and comfortable, with stylish baby furniture and room decor from Kmart. You'll find inspiring designs that match any theme at prices that won't break your nursery budget.