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      Plush animals are cute companions for tiny tots

      Almost everyone remembers their first plush animal; baby plush toys are some of our first companions in life. When you're outfitting your baby's crib with a bedding set and blankets, be sure to remember a plush toy that will make your little one smile and giggle. Our baby plush toys come in a variety of shapes and colors, from familiar characters like Dora the Explorer to classic animals like a bunny or teddy bear.

      After feeding is finished and lullabies are sung, your little one might be a bit reticent to leave your arms. Provide your baby with a cozy pal for the crib so that he or she will feel safe and warm all night long. Of course, baby plush toys aren't meant only for the cradle. Your kiddo will no doubt want to carry his or her plush animal wherever he or she goes, whether it's a car trip to the grocery store or a play date at the park.

      Many plush toys are machine washable, so you needn't worry about nursing or diapering messes ruining your child's favorite companion. If you're searching for the perfect baby shower gift or a new friend for your own little one, you'll find plenty of great baby plush toys at Kmart.

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