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Keep little ones in tow everywhere you go with strollers

Quality transportation is essential when it comes to toting a baby. As you prepare to welcome a new little one to your family, make sure you can be as portable as possible with strollers from Kmart. With a large selection of strollers, you can maintain your busy lifestyle and continue pursuing your favorite activities with your little one in tow. From umbrella strollers to convertible models and even dual strollers, we've got the selection you need at the prices that can't be beat.

One of the simplest options to consider is an umbrella stroller. These compact strollers can fold easily and be stashed in the trunk of your car to be pulled out whenever you need it. They are small and easy to use and work well for older babies all the way through preschoolers. Kmart has a selection of umbrella strollers to meet most needs, tastes and budgets.

Standard strollers have a few more pieces than umbrella strollers. You can expect to find a snack tray, larger wheels and a basket under the seat to store toys or diaper bags. These strollers can handle kids of most sizes, and some even recline to allow the little one to comfortably take a nap while you are out and about. They're perfect for trips to the store or the zoo.

If you enjoy jogging, you don't have to give it up because you have a new baby in the home. With our selection of jogging strollers, you can safely take your baby with you. These strollers have specially designed wheels and steering systems to make them safe to use while jogging. Their shock absorbers keep the baby from bouncing around too much.

If you have more than one small child, whether twins or a toddler and a baby, you may find that both need a place to sit. This is where dual strollers come in to play. Kmart has many types of dual strollers, from front-to-back options that can accommodate the infant carrier, to side-by-side options perfect for older kids. You can even purchase a jogging stroller that holds two babies at once.

The infant travel system is one of the must-haves for new parents, combining an infant carrier and car seat with a stroller that grows with the child. When the baby is tiny, simply click the infant seat into place on the stroller, and you can be on the go without having to have your baby on your arm or strapped to you. Later it converts to a standard stroller so you can use it well into your baby's childhood. Browse the current selection of strollers from Kmart, or come in to your local store to find one that matches your tastes, and give yourself a convenient and safe way to take your baby with you wherever you go.


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