Baby Bedding & Decor Bundles

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      Baby bedding bundles keep your infant wrapped in coziness

      Little ones do a lot of dreaming, and as a parent, you want to make your infant's sleep as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Wrap your kiddo in the best baby bedding with a quality gift set from Kmart. He or she will have sweet dreams on a crib sheet and blanket made from high thread count cotton or soft, touchable flannel. Decorative items such as mobiles, window valances and plush decor add a touch of personality to the nursery while also giving your baby something to gaze at.

      A great baby bedding gift set starts with a set of sheets that will hold your infant gently throughout the night. Our collection of baby bedding bundles features only the highest-quality sheets and pillowcases made from materials such as 100 percent cotton, jersey knit cotton or flannel. You'll rest easy knowing that your little angel is sleeping on fabrics that won't irritate his or her delicate skin. From bed sheets covered with beloved characters like Minnie Mouse to blankets featuring trendy chevron stripes, you'll find the perfect match for your baby decor.

      Discover just the right elements to add to your baby's room in our collection of baby bedding gift sets. A baby bedding bundle might include colorful wall decals in the shape of your little one's favorite characters, such as Winnie the Pooh or Dora the Explorer. Whirling mobiles will fill your infant's eyes with wonder while he or she is resting in the crib, while baby curtains or valances bring the whole room's decor together for a designer nursery feel.

      Of course, when your newborn is having sweet dreams, you want him or her to feel safe and snuggly. Ensure your kiddo's utmost comfort with a set of baby bumpers and a plush character or stuffed animal to keep him or her company while sleeping. Some of our baby bedding bundles include matching baby bumpers to keep your little one from hitting his or her noggin on the sides of the crib. A sweet toy such as a bunny or teddy bear adds an additional level of reassurance to bedtime.

      When your newborn nods off, you want him or her to feel as comfortable as possible. Keep your kiddo cozy with one of Kmart's baby bedding bundles.

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