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      Make your baby's sleeping space warm and comfy with baby bedding from Kmart

      Baby bedding is a blend of style and function. On one hand, you want your nursery to have that calm, safe feeling. On the other, you want to make sure your little one's crib or bed is cozy and comfortable. There are so many styles of crib bedding available that it can be hard to decide which look is best for your little one. At Kmart, we've selected a variety of popular options that will bright up the nursery and help give your baby a comfortable night's sleep. Choose from warm blankets, soft sheets, plush mattress pads and more.

      It all starts with the sheets, because they are what hold and swaddle your baby through the night. You want sheets that are soft, because they'll be in contact with your little one's delicate skin. You also want something warm to keep babies nice and toasty. At Kmart you can find sheets that match beds, cribs and other baby nursery furniture. Choose from a wide selection of styles and designs, from simple blue and pink sheets to colorful patterns to images of your child's favorite Disney characters.

      Sheets are essential, but of course they're not enough to keep babies warm on chilly nights. You'll want to outfit your little one's bed with warm blankets. Kids' blankets combines soft, insulating fabric with a design that your child will love. At Kmart, we offer both boy- and girl-friendly designs, ranging from your kid's favorite WWE wrestling stars to the Little Mermaid. The great thing about these blankets is that they also work as throw blankets you can use anywhere, from the couch to the car.

      If your infant is still in a crib, you can find bedding to make his or her night's sleep that much more peaceful and sound. A mattress pad will create a plush sleeping surface. Some are also waterproof for easier cleaning, for those instances when you don't quite make it to the baby changing tablein time. Also consider a bumper or rail cover to go around your crib and make it a more comfortable place for your baby to sleep. You can even choose from a selection of soft cuddle pillows in the shape of popular characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and Elmo.

      It's important to offer your baby a comfortable place to sleep. That means soft sheets, warm blankets and a safe and cozy crib. The right baby bedding also adds to the kid-friendly decor you want in a nursery. At Kmart, we stock a wide selection of popular brands at attractive prices; give us a try when you're looking for bedding to complete your crib or nursery.

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