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      Keep your little one comfy and cozy with baby pillows

      Babies need comfort and support, and the right baby pillow can provide those in spades. Whether for dinnertime or naptime, outfit your infant with a plush pillow to support his or her neck. A character-shaped cuddle pillow provides your tot with a warm companion to wake up to in his or her baby crib. Kmart's various baby-friendly designs are sure to fit in with your nursery decor while also making your newborn feel loved.

      While classic bed pillows work great for adults, they're too large for your baby's tiny head to rest naturally. The tiniest of babies don't need a head pillow while they sleep, but as your tot gets older, you can provide him or her with a toddler pillow specially sized for young children. Our toddler pillows are ventilated and sweat-absorbing, so they're perfect for any season. Many toddler pillows are also treated to be antibacterial and prevent mites, so your toddler will be breathing easy all night.

      Made just as much for mommy's comfort as for baby's, nursing pillows are just the right size and shape to support your baby while you breastfeed. Like travel pillows, nursing pillows are U-shaped but can fit around your lap or stomach. Without constantly having to hold your baby's weight in your arms, you'll be free to relax and enjoy mealtime together. Nursing pillows can even be personalized with colorful slipcovers to match nursery decor such as changing table pads. Remember to also pick up a nursing cover for the times when get baby gets hungry on the go.

      Baby pillows can provide comfort for your baby when he or she is alone in the crib. Equip your little one with a cuddle pillow in the shape of his or her favorite character, such as Dora the Explorer, Elmo or Mickey Mouse. Your son or daughter will always have a plush companion to wake up next to in the morning. Many of our cuddle pillows are also machine washable, so you can throw them in the laundry along with baby's sheets when accidents happen.

      Baby support pillows are an inexpensive way to give your infant the warmth and comfort that he or she needs. Invest in a variety of pillows for your baby's sleeping and feeding routines, so your little angel will always feel cocooned in comfort and love.

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