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      Crib mattress pads keep baby sleeping sweetly

      Between stocking up on diapers and purchasing your baby stroller, a crib mattress pad may not be the first thing you think of when preparing for an infant's arrival. However, it's an important step in putting together a baby's bed, so you should pick the right pad for your baby's comfort and safety. Baby mattress pads come in two main styles: quilted pads that resemble an adult mattress pad, and waterproof pads made especially for easy clean-up.

      Before purchasing a crib mattress pad, parents should consider what features are most important to them. If you're looking for a simple quilted pad that just provides an extra layer of comfort between your baby's body and the crib mattress, consider a light and breathable cotton mattress pad. This kind of pad is typically made from sustainable materials and features a high thread count for durability even after dozens of trips through the washing machine.

      By far the most popular mattress pad among new parents is a waterproof pad, which both protects the crib mattress from stains and smells, and can be easily cleaned when baby has an accident. Waterproof pads should be made from cotton with a waterproof layer in the center. As opposed to older models of rubber or vinyl pads, this type of pad allows water vapor to pass through and prevents baby from getting sweaty baby sheets while he or she sleeps.

      When choosing a crib mattress pad, it's important to measure your crib mattress and purchase a pad with a perfect fit. A loose mattress pad could pose a safety hazard to your infant if it slips off and becomes tangled up in the baby bedding set. Also, consider buying a mattress pad made from organic materials so it won't irritate your baby's breathing when he or she is pressed close to the fabric at night. Many of Kmart's mattresses are made without phthalates or latex, so you won't have to worry about a latex allergy.

      Picking out a crib mattress pad may seem like an afterthought, but the benefits of wrapping your baby's mattress make it worth your time. Whether you're searching for a simple quilted pad or a waterproof one, you'll find the perfect size and materials from Kmart's collection of safe, comfortable crib mattress pads.

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