Disney Baby Bumpers & Rail Covers

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      Keep baby comfy in the crib with baby bumpers

      Since infants spend up to half their time in a crib, it's important to ensure their safety and comfort as they rest. Design a cozy haven for your little one with a set of baby bed rails. These soft, cushiony baby bumpers will protect your delicate baby's body from bruising or scraping against the sides of a crib. Whether they're awake and exploring or getting some peaceful shuteye, babies move their bodies when they're in a crib. You'll rest easy as well knowing that your child's crib is lined with a baby bumper.

      Baby bed rails come with two long and two short pieces to line the respective sides of your baby's crib. Each pad should have ties on the outside to fasten it to the crib slats so that it can't be pulled over by inquisitive hands. If your baby bumper isn't machine washable, it may come with removable covers that can be washed along with baby sheets when accidents happen. Most bumpers are constructed from 100 percent cotton so that they're both soft and breathable against a baby's skin.

      It's important to remember a few safety strategies when installing a bumper in your baby's crib. First, make sure you choose a bumper with ties long enough to fasten securely around the cribs slats, especially if the slats are made from thick wood. This prevents bumpers from falling over and potentially trapping your baby. Second, consider removing bumpers when baby is old enough to need childproofing, as bumpers could give your little climber a step to enable him or her to escape.

      Our crib rails come in a wide variety of patterns and prints, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your carefully-chosen nursery decor. Cute cartoon prints featuring farm animals, Mickey Mouse or The Lion King can keep your little guy or gal company while he or she sleeps. Fashionistas will love the bold patterns from Trend Lab covered in stripes, paisley or buffalo plaid. Truly classic nurseries can employ a crisp white bumper to keep baby cozy.

      Your baby's exploration begins with the crib, but when your mini Marco Polo crawls too far, you'll want a soft, padded baby bumper to keep him or her safe. Find the perfect baby bed rail from our collection at Kmart.

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