Drawing & Coloring

      Watch your child create for hours with the best toys for drawing and coloring. From the traditional magnetic doodling toy and paint sets to stuffed animals you can draw on and sets containing their favorite characters, you will find all your little Picasso needs to stay entertained for hours, including crayons, paints, markers and more! Choose high-quality, artist-grade products, washable products for young children or interactive options, and you can keep the imagination and creativity growing with your child with these timeless toys.

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      Drawing and Crafts Keep Kids Engaged

      Kids of all ages are naturally creative, which helps explain why crayons, colored pencils, paints and other art supplies are so exciting for them. At Kmart, youll find an impressive collection of kid-friendly drawing materials that can keep children entertained for hours at a time.

      In addition to crayons, colored pencils and markers, painting sets are an essential part of any kids art supply collection. Companies like Crayola and Rose Art have been making painting sets of all kinds for years. Finger paints remain a staple of childhood art projects, allowing young artists to really get their hands into their creations. Non-toxic watercolors and poster paints are great mediums for older kids who can handle brushes of varying sizes. All paint sets give kids an opportunity to learn about colors and color mixing, so the time they spend on art can be educational as well as fun.

      Kids who arent comfortable with paints might prefer to use craft paper. Through fun projects like scrapbooking and stamping, kids can create beautiful artwork with nothing more than a few sheets of paper and their imaginations. Origami is another great way for kids to exercise their creativity by taking simple, brightly-colored paper sheets and folding them into a variety of shapes. Working with paper is also much cleaner than other types of childhood artwork, making these crafts a good choice to take along when your child is going to need entertainment away from home.

      Art desks and easels give kids a place to do all of their best artwork regardless of medium. When you give your child personal space to be creative in, he or she has the opportunity to grow in any type of artistic pursuit. Having a kid-sized art area also allows all of your childs supplies to be stored in one place for easy access any time and makes for quicker cleanup when playtime is over. Your child can use messy mediums with abandon, and you dont have to worry about mistakes winding up anywhere but on the desk.

      Whether your child prefers to make a splash with paints or chronicle important events in a scrapbook, having good art supplies is essential. Make Kmart your place to shop for paints, paper and more and see what beautiful creations your child can dream up.

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