Kenmore Elite Front Load Washers

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      Front Load Washers Are Among The Many Choices At Kmart

      Front load washers represent the latest trend, and they are available in both gas and electric models. If you need a new washing machine, go to Kmart where you'll find a large selection of front load washing machines. Washing machines that load from the front have done away with the central agitator that takes up so much room in top loading machines. That means fewer repairs and more room inside. Because front loading machines are still relatively new to the market, they remain more expensive than the traditional top loading models.

      When shopping for dryers remember that you do not have to purchase the dryer that is the matching unit to a washing machine. It's okay to buy a washer and dryer that are not identical models. The decision between gas and electric dryers can't be avoided, and the choice ultimately comes down to the cost of electricity versus the cost of natural gas where you live. Be aware of different dryer features as you shop. Models that automatically end a cycle when the clothes are dry can save money and avoid shrinkage. Some dryers also offer a wrinkle protection option that continues to tumble clothes for up to 40 minutes after a cycle has ended.

      Top load washers remain quite popular, and they generally cost less than front loading washing machines. At Kmart, you'll find a full selection of top load washers. It's a good idea to check out the spin speeds before deciding on any washing machine. Higher spin speeds allow clothes to complete the wash cycle more quickly. In turn, they can then be dried more quickly. Make sure your washer has a variety of spin speeds so that delicate clothes can be washed at lower speeds.

      Stacked laundry units have the advantage of saving space. They are more common in apartment settings in which living space is at a premium. Generally, stacked laundry machines have smaller capacities. That means you'll be washing and drying more often, increasing the cost of cleaning your clothes. However, stacked units are generally less expensive than two matching side by side units.

      Is it time to get a new washer and dryer? Head to Kmart where you'll find an impressive selection of these must-have appliances. If you're having trouble deciding what's best for your home, talk to our experts for information about top load and front load washers and electric versus natural gas washers and dryers. You can't go wrong at Kmart and its selection of washers and dryers from industry leaders such as Whirlpool and Kenmore.

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