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      Cook like a pro with a wall oven from Kmart

      The kitchen is the heart of many homes these days, which means that you deserve to create a space that you absolutely love. You shouldn't have to be confined by the way things used to be in your kitchen, but instead, think outside of the box to design the kitchen you've always dreamed of. One of the ways you can do this is by stepping away from the traditional range that combines the cooktop and oven all in one place and instead turn to a standalone cooktop and wall oven from Kmart.

      Any cook who has already installed a wall oven will rave about the benefits. It makes it a lot easier for multiple cooks to share a kitchen because you aren't blocking the oven when you're stirring a pot of soup. Wall ovens also make it a lot easier to cook heavy items because you don't have to bend down as far to put them into the oven and take them back out. Many cooks choose to install wall ovens so the racks are positioned at approximately waist height. This also makes it much easier to peek into an oven while the food is cooking!

      Kmart has several types of wall ovens to choose from, and it's important that you get just the right kind. Sleek stainless steel brings a great look to any kitchen, although some cooks prefer black or white appliances, especially if they match better with countertops, cabinets, and existing appliances. Convection ovens are ideal if having just the right temperature throughout the oven is important for the types of recipes you make.

      One of your major decisions will be whether to get one oven or two. How many times have you planned a meal, only to discover that it included two elements that need to be baked at different temperatures? Double wall ovens solve that problem by giving you two ovens so you can do twice as much baking. They especially come in handy for holiday meals when you need to bake meat and side dishes at the same time.

      If double ovens aren't for you, consider getting a wall oven and microwave combination. You'll save counter space by moving your microwave to the wall. Plus, the sleek appearance of having both appliances right there will make your kitchen look great!

      The last major decision before you get your wall oven from Kmart is whether you want gas or electric. Unless you have the gas hookups and vents where you plan to install the oven in the wall, electric is usually the simpler way to go. Electric ovens are generally less expensive to purchase than gas ovens, although gas ovens tend to cost less to operate, depending on the costs of gas and electricity in your area.

      When you're remodeling your kitchen, take a look at our wall ovens here at Kmart and consider including one in your design. It will definitely be an upgrade that you'll love!

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