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Tidy up with Kmart vacuums and floor care

As flooring materials have evolved it only makes sense that floor care appliances have improved too. If you're still pushing around a broom and mop you're working too hard and spending too much time cleaning the floor  and probably not getting the results you want. A new vacuum or floor care appliance from Kmart could decrease your cleaning time and maybe even make the job more fun. Kmart carries all major brands of floor care appliances including Bissell, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Shark, Oreck and Dyson.

When it comes to vacuums, there are two basic types. There are also two camps who believe their favorite is the best. Whether you're an upright diehard or a canister lover, you'll find the appliance you want at Kmart. Both uprights and canisters can be powerful and efficient cleaners, but there are some advantages to each style.

Canister vacuums are considered more versatile. Because you're not pushing around the entire vacuum, but just the suction head on a lightweight handle, it's easier to maneuver canister models around and under furniture and into corners. Canister vacuums can also be more convenient for cleaning dust and webs from high places because the flexible hose allows for greater mobility. Fans of upright vacuums love how easy they are to store and how quickly they can clean a large space. Some models are considered highly ergonomic and require no stooping or bending to use.

Do you choose bags or bagless? Bags are another feature those in the market for a new vacuum may feel passionate about. Some customers prefer the convenience of bagless models; they never have to delay cleaning because they forgot to buy bags! And some prefer the cleanliness of traditional vacuums that use bags to capture the debris. Whichever type of vacuum you prefer, from the most cutting edge bagless uprights to the most versatile canisters, Kmart's got you covered.

But vacuums are only the beginning when it comes to floor care appliances at Kmart. Hand-held sticks for cleaning hard surface floors or quick pick-ups make light housekeeping chores easier than ever. Some sticks provide wet and dry cleaning all in one unit. Amazing! For serious cleaning, Kmart offers a variety of carpet shampooers. No more lugging the rental machine back and forth from the grocery store! For the price of two or three rentals you can purchase your own steam cleaner from Kmart and keep your carpets looking new, smelling fresh and feeling as soft as the day they were installed.

With all the brands and models available, there's just no reason to break your back using a heavy, old appliance that doesn't get the job done. Whether you're caring for hardwood, tile, rugs, linoleum or a little of everything, you'll find the floor care appliance you need at a price you can afford at Kmart.