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      Top Freezer Refrigerators Just One Of The Choices Available At Kmart

      Perhaps the most difficult decision with refrigerators is the location of the freezer. Top freezer refrigerators are among the most popular, in part, because there are more models available on the market. At Kmart, you'll find a diverse range of top freezer refrigerators. Easy access to ice and other freezer items is one of the biggest advantages of the top freezer model. However, items on the bottom shelves of the refrigerator section are more difficult to reach, particularly for people with limited mobility. Whether your new refrigerator has a top freezer or other configuration, look for models with the Energy Star rating. Appliances that qualify for Energy Star use as much as 20 percent less energy than other refrigerators on the market.

      Bottom freezer refrigerators are a fairly recent invention and are steadily gaining in popularity. A significant advantage to bottom freezer models is having all your refrigerator items at eye level. The average consumer goes into the refrigerator about three times as often as the freezer, so a refrigerator section that's within easy reach means less stooping and bending over. You're likely to pay more money for a bottom freezer model, but the added convenience could be worth a higher purchase price.

      For the consumer who's interested in more room in the freezer, the side by side model provides the answer. Side-by-side refrigerators are often larger than any other model type. Side-by-side models also offer more shelves. However, the overall room available in the refrigerator area is smaller than other types of refrigerators. In addition, the shelves are not as wide in side-by-side models because of the design.

      Refrigerators featuring the French door design offer a number of advantages for consumers. Most significant is the extra door space in the refrigerator compartment. Interior space is more than adequate with French door refrigerators because the top of the unit is not split between a refrigerator and freezer. The freezer section is on the bottom of the appliance, an advantage for consumers who go into the refrigerator more often than the freezer.

      A refrigerator is an important purchase because of the cost and the number of years it is likely to take up a spot in your kitchen. Head to Kmart to find a full selection of refrigerators. Our kitchen experts can help you decide between a side-by-side model or a freezer on the top or bottom. No matter what you choose, Kmart offers stylish models from manufacturers you can trust.

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