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Side-by-Side Refrigerators

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Side By Side Refrigerators Offer Ample Food Storage

Side by side refrigerators are just one of the many convenient models available at Kmart. No matter how much food storage youe looking for, it easy to find the right refrigerator to fit your family needs.

Though similar to side by sides in appearance, French door refrigerators have a slightly different configuration. A double-door refrigerator sits above a pull-out freezer, giving you plenty of room to store all of your family favorite foods. The French door style is also safer than top freezer models when you need to store large or awkwardly shaped frozen items. Having the freezer on the bottom ensures that nothing can slide out or fall on someone when the freezer is opened. This feature, combined with ample space in both refrigerator and freezer, makes a French door model a good choice for families. Some models also include a water dispenser or ice maker in one door, allowing anyone to grab a glass of fresh, cold water as they pass through the kitchen.

Top freezer refrigerators feature a single-door refrigerator with a freezer above it. There are many variations available on this traditional refrigerator style, giving you a wide selection to choose from depending on the dor of your kitchen. Basic white and black models can be incorporated into almost any kitchen. Stainless steel makes the simple style appear more modern and can brighten up your kitchen area with a sleek, reflective surface. Some top freezer refrigerators have a rounded retro look and come in interesting colors such as orange, light blue and bright red, making for an interesting and quirky addition to any home.

Regardless of the model of refrigerator you choose, it important to know where you can get refrigerator parts in case something breaks down. Refrigerators with built-in water dispensers or ice makers will need to have the filters replaced from time to time, and replacement hoses may be necessary depending on the model. It also possible to upgrade your refrigerator to include an ice maker, a convenient feature for families or anyone who wants to be able to enjoy a nice chilled beverage with the push of a button. Having access to the right parts keeps these add-ons running smoothly and ensures that there always clean water available.

Every home needs a reliable refrigerator to ensure proper storage for all types of food. Shop Kmart selection of modern styles today to find the right model for you and your family.


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