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      Cool off with fans from Kmart

      Kmart has a generous assortment of fans to improve the comfort of both home and office. Our fans will also help reduce air conditioning bills. Relying on the expertise of such manufacturers as Lasko, Honeywell and Hunter, we carry the right fan for every indoor environment. Our free-standing fans come in a variety of sizes, shapes and even operating technology. In addition to conventional models with spinning blades, we also offer bladeless air-multiplier fans, which borrow from jet engine technology and provide a smooth air flow, without any buffeting.

      For deployment on the floor, our fans come in both the standard circular shape and the slim tower style. Our circular floor fans range in head size from 14 to 20 inches. Our tower-shaped floor models stand up to 38 inches high. Many of our floor fans have adjustable stands. Our larger floor fans will cool even the most spacious rooms. This is particularly true of models that oscillate, to reach every corner.

      The head size of our tabletop fans range from three inches, for an ingenious model that works off a computer USB port, to 12 inches. Tabletop models also come in the tower shape and with air-multiplier technology. Many of our free-standing fans include such convenient features as night lights, remote controls, timers and built-in ion generators for clean-smelling air.

      Some appliances never go out of style, which is why Kmart window fans keep many a spare room cool in summer time. Most of our models employ double fans for maximum air circulation, and many come with expandable side panels, to ensure a clean fit for any window width. Some of our window fans work in reverse, to suck hot air and unpleasant odors out of a room. Some units can be operated by remote control.

      For those interested in permanent fan fixtures, Kmart offers ceiling fans, which can serve as aesthetic accents in any room. Kmart's ceiling fans are available with or without lights. We also offer a choice between four or five blades. Mounted blade sizes range from 30 to 54 inches in diameter. For the location of fan controls, we provide several options: wall switch, pull chain or remote control.

      Our ceiling fans have multiple speeds, as well as light-dimming options. In addition, some models can operate in reverse, a handy feature for wintertime. In reverse mode, a fan can recycle rising warm air, which would otherwise get trapped near the ceiling. With a wide range of styles and finishes for both the blades and the fan housing, our ceiling fans will blend with many decors. In addition, many of our ceiling fans carry a lifetime warranty.

      Exhaust fans are important for reducing mold and water damage in your bathroom. All of our bathroom exhaust fans come with lights, and all are rated for use over a shower, as long as the bathroom wiring includes a GFCI circuit. Some models qualify as ENERGY STAR appliances, and some of our bathroom fans come with a five-year warranty.