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      Disposers & Compactors

      Minimize garbage with Kmart disposers and compactors

      Every single day, Americans throw away enough garbage to fill around 63,000 garbage trucks. That is a staggering statistic, but with the help of disposers and compactors from Kmart, the eco-conscious individual can take steps to limit some of that impact by making their own trash contribution a little bit smaller. While these products will not take the place of solid recycling programs, they can make a small difference. Over their lifetime, that small difference will add up to big changes.

      There is no getting around the fact that everyone has to deal with garbage. Yet the vast amount of garbage sent to the landfills every day is simply staggering. Those who want to do their part to limit their impact on the environment by lessening the amount of trash they create can do so with the help of compactors and garbage disposals. Kmart is ready to help with a selection of compactors and disposers that are ready for many years of trash duty.

      Many communities are trying to curb the growth of their landfills by limiting the amount of trash residents can set at the curb each week. Families may struggle to keep their waste within these regulations, but a trash compactor can help. From well-known companies like Whirlpool, Maytag and Kenmore, the line of compactors from Kmart includes some of the industry's leading models. These devices take your family's waste and compacts it down into a much smaller unit. You can reduce your trash volume by up to 80 percent with this simple appliance purchase. The compactors from Kmart come in a range of colors, including black, white and stainless steel, to easily match an existing kitchen layout. These install under the counter, so they take up little space, all while providing a valuable function in your home.

      Kmart also carries an extensive selection of garbage disposals. A disposal allows people to dispose of food and liquid waste down the drain, chopping it into fine pieces that are easily flushed away. This limits smells from food in the garbage bin while also limiting the amount of trash thrown away each week.

      Kmart offers disposers from popular brands like Waste King, Kenmore and Insinkerator. These efficient models can handle large food waste, chopping it into pieces easily handled by modern sewage systems. Several have easy mount designs that make it simple to install a disposer into your existing kitchen, or replace the one you have with a newer, more effective model.

      Whether you want to deal with food waste more effectively or wish to make your trash contribution smaller each week, Kmart has the products you need. Stop taking out bag after bag of trash each week. With disposers and compactors, you can deal with waste far more efficiently. When it's time to change the way you handle trash, trust Kmart to provide the products you need.