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      Design the perfect kitchen with Kmart cooktops

      In the world of kitchen remodeling projects, many people are opting to install separate cooktops and ovens rather than traditional ranges. Opting for a cooktop gives you more flexibility over where you place it, letting you keep your cooking close to your favorite prep surfaces, the sink and the fridge. Whether you're installing your cooktop on an island or over a more traditional countertop, turn to Kmart to find plenty of options.

      The biggest choice you'll have to make to narrow down your options is whether you want gas or electric. The debate has been going on for decades, and most cooks have their favorite. Gas cooktops respond much more quickly to your changing the temperature dial, not only when you start cooking, but also during cooking and when you're done. This makes it easier to get the temperature you want and avoid having a hot burner when you're done. Electric cooktops are easier to install in homes that don't have a gas connection and are also easier to clean if you opt for today's modern cooktops with radiant elements instead of the coils.

      One more option to consider is an induction cooktop, which works by using an electric current to create a magnetic field that creates another electric current in the pot or pan on top of the heating element. The benefits are that the cooktop itself remains cool to the touch and no heat is lost between the heating element and the pot, which means it's more energy efficient than a gas or electric cooktop. However, you will need pots and pans with a high content of hard metals, like cast iron and stainless steel. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot, it will work on an induction cooktop.

      Once you select the type of cooktop you want, it's time to shop Kmart's selection to pick the exact model to purchase. Although we have many cooktops with the traditional four-burner layout, if you have a little more space, you may want to opt for more burners. Many have the controls in the center and add a fifth burner behind them. You can also get cooktops designed for you to place long griddles over two burners. The right choice for you depends on how much space you have in your kitchen and how often you run out of burners on your existing cooktop.

      Lastly, of course, you have to choose between black, white and stainless steel, depending on what matches the rest of your kitchen. Many cooktops are designed to match wall ovens from the same manufacturer, so don't forget to check out Kmart's wall ovens while you're shopping. Giving your kitchen a cohesive appearance not only makes it more enjoyable for you to cook there, but also helps improve the resale value of your home because matched sets appeal to prospective buyers. It's time for an upgrade, so start browsing Kmart's cooktops and let us help you design the perfect kitchen.

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