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Air Purifiers & Dehumidifiers

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SPT Magic Clean HEPA Air Cleaner with Ionizer
Effectively purifies air for rooms up to 180 sq.ft. Built with multiple functions: HEPA filter, Activate Carbon filter and Ionizer, ...
SPT Magic Clean HEPA Air Cleaner with Ionizer
Effectively purifies air for rooms up to 180 sq.ft. Built with multiple functions: HEPA filter, Activate Carbon filter and Ionizer, this unit targets and removes harmful particles, reduces odor and airborne antagonists. Features and Functions - Manual 2-speed controls with ...

Breathe easy with Kmart air purifiers and dehumidifiers

At Kmart, we know that certain appliances not only enhance home comfort, but also address some important health concerns. For people who suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses, there are times when indoor humidity levels need tweaking and airborne allergens need trapping. Kmart has the appliances to tackle those jobs.

Our electric air purifiers employ HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) technology to eliminate airborne dust, dander and mold spores. At their most efficient, HEPA filters can trap more than 99 percent of airborne allergens in homes. Some of our air purifiers can even eliminate even airborne viruses and bacteria. If you are worried about the dangers of the chemicals that come into your home, choose a model equipped with carbon pre-filters. These filters trap volatile organic compounds; that means they can trap dangerous fumes from household cleaners, pesticides and other chemicals, making your house safer from these common pollutants.

We carry a variety of sizes. All of our air purifiers work well in small rooms. Some can handle a room capacity of more than 600 square feet. Many of our models have earned an ENERGY STAR rating. Manufacturers like Blueair, Honeywell and Whirlpool have added such conveniences as multiple fan speeds, low noise levels and programmable timers.

When dealing with muggy climates, basement rooms and people uniquely sensitive to mold and mildew, an electric dehumidifier can come in handy. We carry an extensive assortment of dehumidifiers from such manufacturers as Frigidaire, Kenmore and Keystone. Kmart has the right size for the right need. Models capable of removing 70 pints of moisture a day will work well in high humidity areas and large spaces (up to 600 square feet). For smaller jobs, our 30-pint capacity dehumidifiers may be the perfect, economical solution.

Many of our dehumidifiers meet ENERGY STAR standards. Many come with a five-year warranty for the compressor. Convenient features include programmable timers, digital humidity readouts, filters that catch microbes, automatic shut off mechanisms when the drain bucket is full, built-in pumps that channel drain water outdoors or to a nearby sink and Microban technology to prevent mold and bacteria in drain buckets.

In dry climates or under winter heating conditions, when skin, eyes and sinuses could benefit from a little added moisture in the air, our humidifiers can improve comfort levels. We carry cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers from Honeywell, Kaz and Kenmore, among other manufacturers.

Many of our humidifiers operate with ultrasound technology. That not only translates into low noise levels, ultrasound vibrations can also destroy bacteria in the water tank. Gone are the days when humidifiers inevitably left an annoying powder from hard water minerals. Many of our models are equipped with mineral-absorbing wicks. They will keep your humidifiers clear of the dried-out mess of previous models. Our humidifiers come in many sizes. Some have tanks holding more than four gallons of water, more than enough to add needed moisture to the largest room.

Kmart carries everything you need for humidifier, dehumidifier and air purifier accessories. We carry HEPA and carbon filters for air purifiers, wicks and demineralization cartridges for humidifiers and drain hoses for dehumidifiers.